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Spotlight: Cool courses in Winter 2024

November 16, 2023

Winter 2024 Cool Courses

JSIS 478 D: Special Topics in International and Global Studies – War in the Middle East

Resat Kasaba

This course addresses some of the issues and questions that have arisen in the aftermath of October 7, the war in Gaza, and responses worldwide: what basic background you need to begin to understand the history of the Palestine-Israel conflict, what religion has to do with it, is dialogue possible now, what is going on with antisemitism and Islamophobia around the world, where and how to get information, and a likely U.S. role in the aftermath of the conflict. Some of the lectures will be open to the public.

Facilitated by Reşat Kasaba, International Studies
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2 credits, SSc

JSIS 201: The Making of the 21st Century

David Bachman headshotOver the last hundred years (or so), there have been numerous attempts to impose economic, political, military, and cultural frameworks in the name of peace, security, democracy, and development. Many of those attempts have led to disastrous consequences. This course will explore many of those efforts, as well as the interplay between structures and actors in various processes of international political economy. Learn how global forces structure the decisions of elite and popular sectors, as well as how political actors negotiate, contest, and transform global forces.

David Bachman, International Studies
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5 credits, SSc, W

JSIS B 100 | Global Disinformation 

Jessica_BeyerThis class addresses the global problem of global disinformation and examines issues such as content moderation on global internet platforms and how content moderation plays out in particular contexts. It will examine government policy and other initiatives meant to address dis/misinformation. And, it will examine a range of dis/misinformation actors from nation-state actors, to bots, to you and me.

Jessica Beyer, International Studies
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5 credits, SSc

RELIG 201: Introduction to World Religions – Western Traditions

Mika Ahuvia headshot Learn about the history of Western religious traditions, with primary attention to the Semitic religions – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – including their ancient world background, with emphasis on basic conceptual and symbolic structures. 

Mika Ahuvia, International Studies/Jewish Studies
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5 credits, SSc