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Scott Radnitz defends academic freedom in Hungary & Europe | The Chronicle of Higher Education

May 4, 2017


Scott Radnitz

A protest rally organized by the Freedom for Education movement in front of Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. Photo credit: jennifer.ang

Associate Professor and Director of the Ellison Center for Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies Scott Radnitz co-authors with other professors in the U.S., Europe and UK “An Open Letter in Support of Central European University” in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Central European University, known as CEU, is based in Hungary’s capital, Budapest.

In early April, the Hungarian Parliament passed an amendment to the Hungarian national law on higher education that puts at risk the academic freedom of the Central European University (CEU) and other Hungarian research and academic institutions.

CEU is registered in New York state but does not have a campus in the U.S. George Soros, the Hungarian-born financier who founded the university in 1991 and still partly funds it, is the main target.

Read more about the issue in this BBC article “How a university became a battle for Europe’s identity.”

Click here to read the full open letter