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Sabine Lang co-edits book on gender equality in Germany during the Merkel era

January 17, 2023

Sabine Lang
Jackson School Professor Sabine Lang. Photo by Alessandra Brescia, 2019

Leading from BehindJackson School Professor Sabine Lang, who is the Jean Monnet Chair of Civil Society, Inclusion & Diversity in the European Union and Director of the Center for West European Studies at the UW, has co-edited a book titled, “Leading from Behind – Gender Equality in Germany During the Merkel Era” (Routledge, December 2022), that takes stock of German gender equality policies after 16 years of governments led by Angela Merkel and her conservative Christian Democratic Party.

Investigating the effects of Merkel’s tenure, the chapters in the book assess policy output and outcomes with a focus on internal power dynamics as well as European Union (EU)-level pressures in the policy domains of political representation, LGBTI rights, migration, the labor market, and care.

The book is co-edited with faculty Phillip Ayoub, University College, London, and Petra Ahrens, Tampere University, Finland.

Read the Washington Post article, ‘The most powerful woman in the world’ is stepping down. What is Merkel’s legacy on gender equality?” co-authored by Lang following the September 2021 national German election.