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Rethinking US Military Bases in East Asia

Task Force 2015



Carmela Conroy

Faculty Adviser

Clark Sorensen

Clark Sorensen

Professor Emeritus

Task Force

  • Bridget Chan
  • Shiling Fan
  • Shahar Golan
  • Ji Guo
  • Dilpreet Kaur
  • Tyler Knudson
  • Jaehyung Kim
  • Taehee Kim
  • Matthew Lee
  • Helen Sungeun Lim
  • Zoe Newman
  • Jay-Kwon Park
  • Aviva Reuben
  • Jack Truitt
  • Sean Wagnon
  • Kela Wong

Our Initiatives:

This Task Force challenges the sustainability of the current US military infrastructure in East Asia and its ability to respond to evolving regional security and interstate relations, such as:

  • Increasing tensions regarding the DPRK’s nuclear capabilities and its improved relations with Russia
  • China’s increasing economic and military power
  • Gradual rearmament of Japan
  • Complications from competing regional economic interests among allies and non-allies

Policy Recommendations:

  • Encourage China to join TPP negotiations, TPA passage is a priority
  • Discourage the revision of the Japanese constitution while encouraging a build-up of Japan’s Self-Defense Force
  • Work with Beijing to create an independent Northeast Asian Cooperative Security Forum
  • Ratify UNCLOS
  • Push through BRAC to reduce spending
  • Redeploy non-essential US Marine forces from Okinawa to Guam
  • Modify SOFA agreements
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