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Reşat Kasaba featured speaker “21st century in the shadow of the 1900’s” for Turkey’s Science Academy

February 28, 2022

Reşat Kasaba,In a Feb. 23 online public event titled, “Twenty-first century in the shadow of 1900’s” sponsored by the Science Academy in Turkey, Jackson School Faculty Reşat Kasaba, the Anne H.H. and Kenneth B. Pyle Professor of American Foreign Policy, analyzes how today’s global crisis comes after a long period of globalization that generated a lot of wealth but also created huge inequalities, and similarities around World War One which also followed a period of global growth and technological innovation.

After World War One, Kasaba notes, western leaders ignored the underlying problems tried to recreate the conditions in the 19th century. This was impossible and made things even worse and led to a global crisis and another war. Today, rather than looking back and trying to rebuild the post-cold war world, Kasaba emphasizes, the world should strengthen its institutions and imagine new ones to help deal with the underlying social and economic problems and be prepared for the future.

The event was held in the Turkish language.