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North Korean Nuclear Crisis

Anatomy of the North Korean Situation and How to Defuse It

Task Force 2018

Task Force Report 2018: North Korean Nuclear Crisis: Understanding the Threat, Avoiding War, Crafting Future Options


Lt. Gen. Stephen Lanza

former Commanding General, I Corps, Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Faculty Adviser

Scott Montgomery

Scott Montgomery


Since 2006, after testing its first nuclear explosive device, the DPRK has advanced its nuclear weapons and missile programs to an alarming degree. But with the election of Donald Trump, the program has accelerated enormously, now posing a foreign policy crisis for the U.S. and all of NE Asia. This Task Force will take up a detailed study of this emerging crisis with three main objectives: 1) to determine the true state of North Korea’s nuclear weapon and missile capabilities, thus its level of possible physical threat; 2) map out the geopolitical ramifications of the current crisis and the relationships involved among key nations; and 3) develop alternative strategies for defusing the crisis, including first response to a military incident, whether intentional or unintentional.

Download the Task Force report (PDF) Click here for more Task Force Reports