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Managing Large Marine Reserves

Policy Recommendations for Pew Charitable Trusts Global Ocean Legacy Campaign

Task Force 2015



Kathryn Matthews

PhD, Pew Charitable Trusts

Faculty Adviser

Patrick Christie, Todd Stevenson

Task Force

  • Kathryn Bennett
  • Simon Casson
  • Shelby Keith
  • Yang Liu
  • Emily Minge
  • Evan Philip
  • Alexander Pieris
  • Meredith Pothoven
  • Aila Weigelt

The Ocean… covers three-quarters of the earth; hosts around half of all known species; provides livelihoods for over 250 million people;  supports the ancestral traditions of indigenous peoples; and feeds 2.6 billion people.

But the health of the oceans is deteriorating. From overfishing to coral bleaching to ocean acidification, the seas face challenges of unprecedented scope – demanding a new conservation tool.

Large Marine Reserves – protected areas 100,000 km² or greater – can mitigate many ecological challenges that smaller reserves cannot:

Case Studies

1.New Caledonia Natural Park of the Coral Sea


Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument


Policy Recommendations

  • Ensure stakeholder involvement throughout LMR design, implementation, and monitoring processes
  • Facilitate compliance by implementing education and awareness programs in regions directly affected by LMRs
  • Balance the social and environmental sciences
  • Mitigate negative impacts using a variety of compensation and incentive-based approaches, including additional livelihood options, direct payment, and alternative fishing locations.
  • Generate awareness by communicating deeply relevant information
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