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Land and Livelihoods

NGOs, Conflict and Extraction in Peru

Task Force 2015

Task Force Report - Land and Livelihoods


Martin Scurrah

Senior Researcher at Centro Peruano de Estudios Sociales

Faculty Adviser

Tony Lucero

Tony Lucero


Task Force

  • Olivia Carlson
  • Shirley Qiu
  • Altantsetseg Batsaikhan
  • Grant Davis
  • Jordan DeLorenzo
  • Rebekah Ingalls
  • Andrianna Katsiouleris
  • Kyle Martin
  • Joe Moreno
  • Audrey Nelson
  • Andrew Northrup
  • Alex Song
  • Rachel Tan
  • McKenzie Templeton
  • Joey Walsh

Oxfam America and Extractive Industries in Peru

This Task Force provides practical and sustainable recommendations for Oxfam America, an international NGO engaged with the challenges of mining and extraction in Peru. Our report explores three strategic cases.

1.Tambogrande illustrates the paradox of successful community resistance to corporate mining and the persistence of threats to sustainable livelihoods

2.Tintaya demonstrates the success and complexity of  dialogue processes

3.Madre de Dios represents the urgent challenges of informal and illegal mining to sustainable development

Policy Recommendations

  • Pursue long-term benefits through research on economic diversification in communities affected by mining
  • Expand and strengthen relationships with stakeholders on local, national, and international levels
  • Support community efforts related to knowledge gathering, monitoring, and education campaigns related to the harms of mining
  • Promote transparency between the state, extractive industries, and mining communities
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