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JSIS 495E Noam Pianko – Defining Antisemitism in a Global Context

Defining Anti Semitism in a Global Context

Task Force 2022

Task Force 2022 Defining Antisemitism in a Global Context


Kenneth Stern

Director, Bard Center for the Study of Hate

Faculty Adviser

Noam Pianko

Noam Pianko


Task Force

  • Barragan-Chavez, Gustavo
  • Bartle, Natassja
  • Dabelstein, Danica
  • Hildebrand, Morgan
  • Johnson, Emma
  • Kang, Min Seung
  • Oedekoven-Pomponi, Isabella
  • Rhodes, Cara Lee
  • Sasso, Angelyna
  • Shaw, Bailey
  • Villines, Robyn

After decades of decreasing levels, incidents of Antisemitism, sometimes called “the longest hatred,” are rising in the United States and around the globe.  From Charlottesville to Budapest, Antisemitic stereotypes and conspiracy theories fuel many of the radical political movements expanding on the right and left of the contemporary political spectrum.  This task force seeks to understand the factors contributing to the recent rise of Antisemitism and to develop recommendations for combating this form of hatred. To do this, we will need to formulate a working definition of Antisemitism that navigates controversial debates about what acts or statements, especially in areas related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, constitute Antisemitism.


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