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JSIS 495D Tony Lucero and Holly Barker – Nuclear Decolonization and the UW

Loom of the Future: Nuclear Decolonization and UW

Task Force 2022

Task Force 2022 Nuclear Decolonization and the UW


Trisha Pritikin

President, Board of Directors of Consequences of Radiation Exposure (CORE) Museum and Archives

Faculty Adviser

Holly Barker and Tony Lucero

Task Force

  • Ahmed, Zeytun
  • Bradley, Sydney
  • Bustos-Ortiz, Rebecca
  • Dutzik Henricks, Miles
  • Kawaguchi, George
  • Marques Hassun, Joao
  • Park, Soyeon
  • Park, Won Gyun
  • Rasaretnam, Rhiannon
  • Saleh, Tara Asal
  • Smith, Tayler
  • Weld, Naomi
  • Zahner, William
  • Zanatta-Kline, Matteo

One of the unfinished chapters of the Cold War involves the participation of universities in ethically problematic research activities. The University of Washington has been part of that history. Students in this task force will examine the consequences of research conducted by UW researchers in the health sciences, fisheries, natural history, and social sciences that has perpetuated nuclear colonialism. Students will also examine UW connections with Washington State’s Hanford Nuclear Reservation. They will also suggest a series of actions that can help contribute to the nuclear decolonization of our university, understood as activities of repair and relationality.


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