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JSIS 495C Task Force: Megan McCloskey – Including Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action

Task Force 2024


Kirstin Lange

Programme Specialist (Disability Inclusive Humanitarian Action), UNICEF

Faculty Adviser

Megan McCloskey

Senior DIDI Fellow

Task Force

  • Victoria Muti (Editor)
  • Maria Solano (Project Manager)
  • Natalie Rose Geary (Author)
  • Anabella Hartwich (Author)
  • Jade Ocariz (Author)
  • Emily Day Payne (Author)
  • Pei-Yu Shih (Author)
  • Jennifer Suzuka Swisher (Author)
  • Linda Wu (Author)
  • Dominique Zambrano (Author)


Description: An estimated 12 million persons with disabilities are among those forcibly displaced globally. Recognizing that persons with disabilities are often among the most vulnerable among refugees and others who are displaced, the international community has been working to actively promote disability inclusive practices in humanitarian action and improve data collection. Members of this Task Force will work with specialists in humanitarian action at the United Nations to gather data on how certain groups of persons with disabilities such as children, youth and/or women and girls, are impacted by climate change, migration, and displacement. Students will develop policy recommendations for humanitarian actors to address the needs of displaced persons with disabilities.

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