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JSIS 495 I – Scott Radnitz: М.И.С.С.И.Я. (Mission): Mending International Stability and Security Issues with Russia

Task Force

Task Force 2020 Group Photo with Scott Radnitz


Adam Smith

Congressman, Washington's 9th congressional district

Faculty Adviser

Scott Radnitz

Scott Radnitz


Task Force

  • Kiana Wilson
  • Elizabeth McInnis
  • Grace Reinicke
  • Jacob Sanderson
  • Anna Sexton
  • Anastasia Sidorovich
  • Van Soderberg
  • Tanya Stockdale
  • Mackenzie Wamble
  • William Kelly
  • Connor Urcuyo

Relations between the U.S. and Russia have recently been strained, to say the least. Unresolved problems involving Russia include arms control, the spread of disinformation, support for rebels in Ukraine, energy dependence, and the future of NATO. To make things more interesting, Putin is supposed to leave office in 2024. This task force will take a hard look at what US interests are in relation to Russia, prioritize among those interests, and formulate strategies to advance them. It will consider both policies that can be implemented in current conditions as well as those that will become feasible only after Putin’s eventual exit.


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