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JSIS 495 E – Scott Montgomery: Establishing the Department of Climate Change: In Defense of a Consolidated Federal Climate Effort

Task Force

Group photo Task Force 2020 with Scott Montgomery


Craig Gannett

Energy Lawyer

Faculty Adviser

Scott Montgomery

Scott Montgomery


Task Force

  • Claire Bacon
  • Mary Cho
  • Gabriel Collins
  • Ella Hammarstedt
  • Aiden Hitchcock
  • Sabrina Mohd Nordin
  • Katie Pekarske
  • Ireland Scheer
  • Abigail Shaw
  • Sarah Smiley
  • Hannah Stephens
  • Cameron Tarzaban
  • Zhuohang Zhou
  • Alexander Zhuk

The United States Constitution authorizes a president to create cabinet-level departments with responsibility over key areas of national importance. In some cases, such as Homeland Security, a new department has resulted from a crisis situation directly affecting public safety and the general welfare. Today, the United States is faced with long-term threats to life and security that surpass those related to terrorism. These threats, derived from a globally changing climate, are now impacting Americans with long-term consequences that are increasingly destructive, costly, and  lethal. This Task Force will evaluate the proposal for a cabinet-level department devoted to climate change and make recommendations on this matter addressed to the Office of the President.


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