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JSIS 495 G – Chris Jones: Towards a Strategic Concept: A NATO Strategy for Eurasia in the 2020s

Task Force


Ambassador John Koenig

Faculty Adviser

Chris Jones

Chris Jones

Associate Professor

Task Force

  • Madeline Bennett
  • Jacob Boehme
  • Annie Elizabeth Comstock
  • Anna Fotheringham
  • Kaixuan Li
  • Andrew Robles
  • Nathan Sebree
  • Micah Slaughter
  • Cali Suba
  • Xiao Wu
  • Halley Sherwood
  • Yean Kim

The 70th anniversary of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has collided with the priorities of the “America First” agenda of President Trump.  NATO faces overlapping challenges in Ukraine, in the cyber-security/info war with Russia, in the collapse of key arms control agreements covering Europe, in Afghanistan and in related conflicts in the greater Middle East. Task Force members will draw up a post 2020 policy agenda for the US role in the NATO alliance. The  Task Force Report will be   aimed at national security decision makers in the executive and legislative branches of the US Government.


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