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From International Supply Chains to Local Consumption

Eliminating Labor Trafficking from all Companies in Washington State

Task Force 2015

Labor Trafficking


Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles

Bev Emery of the Department of Commerce

Faculty Adviser

Sutapa Basu, Bratati Ghosh

Task Force

  • Ana Alice Block
  • Emma Vielbig
  • Helena Koval
  • Amela Zukic
  • Kate Bums
  • Alison Forsyth
  • Margaret Montgomery
  • Rocío Nureña
  • Zara Pollack
  • Sarah Priddy
  • Westley Rachko
  • Akhmed Shukurov
  • Irene Situ
  • Lissan Tibebe
  • Sydney Victor
  • Mengwei Cindy Zhang

The Issue:

  • Companies all over the world are profiting from the use of trafficked labor in the goods and services they provide to the consumer market.

The Goal:

  • Through an investigation of labor trafficking in Washington State businesses, our Task Force aims to provide policy suggestions that would monitor companies as well as spread public awareness and consumer consciousness of the issue.

Policy Recommendations:

  • Develop an anti-labor trafficking code of conduct for Washington State companies.
  • Create a penalty and rewards system.
  • Extend state-wide hotline for victims of trafficking and trafficking whistleblowers.
  • Create a collaborative advisory board to evaluate and enforce fair labor practices.
  • Mandate education on labor trafficking in the Washington State high school curriculum.
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