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Flight risk: ICE Air’s secrecy and systematic abuse in King County and beyond

Task Force 2019


Nikkita Oliver, J.D.

Support and Advocacy Manager; Creative Justice; community organizer

Faculty Adviser

Angelina Godoy

Angelina Godoy


Task Force

  • Zinaida Carroll
  • Julia Gentner
  • Sasha Jenkins
  • Eleanore Johnson
  • Ariella Kleiman
  • Shawn Krueger
  • Jacqueline Montstream
  • Sorana Nance
  • Colin Newton
  • Grace Sorensen
  • Grace Stephenson
  • Upandha Udalagama
  • Julianne Werner

Are you concerned about immigrant rights in our state today? Interested in conducting firsthand research requested by local and national organizations working to address rights concerns that arise in the context of mass deportations? Then this is the task force for you! Since 2009, the UW Center for Human Rights has been working with grassroots and advocacy organizations in human rights to produce research for real-world social change; last year, we launched the Human Rights at Home project working on immigrant rights in our state, and last month, we sued ICE to find out more about the agency’s operations in our state. Due to the sensitivity of this work, this is a selective-admission task force. Student researchers selected for participation will be tasked with requesting/analyzing documents, conducting interviews, and producing research that our partner organizations will use in their advocacy efforts. We are particularly interested in students with prior experience in immigrant rights; Spanish language skills; journalism/storytelling; video production; or data visualization. NOTE: Students interested in participating in this task force will need to complete an online application; finalists will be invited to interview with Prof. Godoy. Click HERE to view full report. 

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