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Identities for Opportunities

A Feasibility Study for Overcoming the Rohingya’s Statelessness Challenges Via Blockchain-based Digital Solutions.

Research Report

In 2018, a JSIS GRG research team conducted a feasibility assessment for The Rohingya Project (TRP) and their proposed plan to create self-sovereign digital identities for the stateless Rohingya diaspora. In order to guide this financial inclusion goal the assessment included a review of blockchain structural architecture to determine the optimal design for TRP objectives. The report included a large risk assessment of the program as well as an evaluation of associated political and legal institutions’ capability and effectiveness. The project concluded with a summary of key findings, recommendations, and areas for further research.

Faculty Lead

Sara Curran


Senior Research Fellows

  • Allison Anderson
  • Seth Kane

Research Fellows

  • Sneha Indrajit
  • Jannah McGrath
  • Matthew Newton
  • Arica Schuett
  • Hailey Vandeventer


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