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Development Derailed

How to Put U.S. Foreign Aid Policy on a Better Track

Task Force 2015

Development Derailed


Dr. Rajiv Shah

Administrator of USAID

Faculty Adviser

Adam Smith

Task Force

  • Adam Akerblom
  • Philip Arbaugh
  • Kendall Archer
  • Wendy Barcelona
  • Lisa Buckner
  • Brett Busch
  • Natalie Davis
  • Jennifer Dunn
  • Elizabeth Jackson
  • Nick Johnson
  • Lavina Joseph
  • Rina Kim
  • Devin Lake
  • Stacia Lee
  • Melani Ortiz
  • Nathan Pieratt
  • Stephanie Sampson

U.S. Foreign Aid is a cost-effective and mutually-beneficial method that simultaneously improves global living standards and serves American interests. Today, distribution of aid is overly complex and inefficient, unable to reach its full potential.

The Task Force seeks a comprehensive reform of foreign assistance, starting with the creation of a cabinet-level Department of Aid and Development (DoAD).

1.Section one addresses the history of American foreign aid and the reasons for its distribution.

2.Section two focuses on the ineffectiveness of the current aid system.

3.Section three proposes ways in which to improve development and assistance policy.

Policy Recommendations:

  • Create a cabinet-level Department of Aid and Development to cultivate sustainability in aid-recipient countries.
  • Consolidate the existing foreign aid budget into the DoAD’s jurisdiction.
  • Place Coordination Officers in aid-recipient countries and hold sector-wide conferences to increase the efficacy of development initiatives.
  • Improve evaluation methods to institutionalize a commitment to transparency.
  • Encourage trade, tariff, and investment reform to promote investment in, and market access for developing countries.
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