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Danya Al-Saleh receives UW Population Health climate change planning grant

May 24, 2023

In May, Danya Al-Saleh, assistant professor of international studies, was awarded a climate change planning grant from the UW Population Health Initiative. It was one of just 12 grants given across the university, which were announced on May 10.

The title of Al-Saleh’s project is “Native Plant Production for Climate Adaptation in the Eastern Mediterranean.” Al-Saleh is an investigator alongside Jonathan Bakker, UW Environmental and Forest Sciences and Omar Tesdell, Birzeit University.

The purpose of the project is to build the foundations for a sustainable long-term collaboration between the UW and Birzeit University. A lack of funding limits research on climate change and on native plant propagation in Palestine, and restrictions on travel hinders the development of international research collaborations.