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Cyberattack Attribution

A blueprint for private sector leadership

Research Report

In 2017, the GRG worked on another Microsoft project detailing current best practices for international cyberattack attribution and response. After creating a referenceable data set, the research team drew upon private sector expertise from a wide array of countries to create an organizational blueprint for a formal attribution organization that could be utilized in different regional contexts. This blueprint merged policy recommendations and original research, and was designed to guide future private-public partnerships in cybersecurity.

Cyberattack Attribution

Faculty Lead


Jessica L. Beyer

Assistant Teaching Professor

Senior Research Fellows

  • Allison Anderson
  • Stacia Lee

Research Fellows

  • Justin Collins
  • Cameron Evans
  • Chris Kim
  • Kayley Knopf
  • Selma Sadzak
  • Nicholas Steele
  • Julia Summers
  • Alison Wendler



Microsoft - Global Security Strategy & Diplomacy