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Closing the Global Mental Health Treatment Gap in Mozambique and Beyond

February 22, 2018

Urban Health Center of Ponta-Gea, Mozambique
Urban Health Center of Ponta-Gêa, Beira, Mozambique
Bradley Wagenaar profile picture

Bradley Wagenaar

Global Studies FLAS alumnus Bradley Wagenaar (PhD Epidemiology, 2015) was recently awarded two grants by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to support his research on mental health care delivery in Mozambique and his development as an expert in global mental health and implementation science.  Now a faculty member in the UW Department of Global Health, he continues to use his Portuguese language skills as he works to address gaps in mental health treatment in Mozambique and other developing countries.  One of the grants is $395,000 to support two years of work adapting an existing approach used for HIV to mental health care delivery.  The other grant is a four-year, $633,000 grant which supports his creation of a model for integrated mental health care delivery in Mozambique.  He writes:

The FLAS helped significantly to prepare me for my PhD dissertation in Mozambique on the mental healthcare system.  It allowed me to strengthen my Portuguese language skills, which I have used not only in conducting that PhD dissertation research, but also now in leveraging that into these new NIMH projects. I hope to continue working in Mozambique, and the Portuguese and area studies classes the FLAS funding supported have significantly aided me in now moving forward in a faculty role and being competitive for large governmentally-funded health research projects in Mozambique or other Portuguese-speaking countries.

Beach in Beira, Mozambique

Beira, Mozambique

Read more about Dr. Wagenaar’s research here.

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