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Hannah Bassett: “Why I am Learning Tagalog”

July 21, 2017

Hannah Bassett and friend Jessica at Navotas Fish Port Complex, Manila, Philippines
Hannah and friend Jessica at Navotas Fish Port Complex, Manila, Philippines. Photo Credit: Peter Elkins

“…being able to converse in ‘Taglish,’ the commonly spoken combination of Tagalog and English, has allowed people I’ve spoken with to represent their experience accurately, without being white-washed.”

Hannah Bassett, a Global Studies and Southeast Asia FLAS fellow in Tagalog, recently wrote a post for Currents, the student blog of the UW School of Marine & Environmental Affairs.  In the post, Hannah describes her reasons for learning Tagalog, and her experience at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute and in Manila and Quezon City in the Philippines.  Hannah’s Tagalog language skills have supported her Master’s thesis research on the practice of dive fishing in the Philippines.  Read her article on the Currents blog at:

“You Speak What?” Why I am Learning Tagalog in Graduate School and How it Helps the World

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