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BREXIT: How to Shape Britain’s New Relationship with the European Union

Task Force 2018

Task Force Report 2018 - Brexit: How to Shape Britain's New Relationship with the European Union


James Plaskitt

former Labour MP and Minister in the Governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown Former Member of the EU Council of Ministers (Social Policy).

Faculty Adviser

Philip Wall

Philip Wall

Affiliate Professor

Brexit is not only a hot topic but also an issue with profound implications for the future both of Britain and the European Union.  There are many imponderables facing policymakers on both side of the Channel, and the future UK-EU relationship is anything but clear.  But there is no question that it will be necessary to negotiate a new relationship, hopefully one that minimizes Brexit harm to the UK economy, society, and business.  The challenge of this Task Force will be to analyze this complex problem and formulate policy recommendations for HM Government that can guide British negotiators toward the most beneficial outcome for both sides.

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