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Videoconference with Norwegian Ambassador to the U.S.

November 2, 2016

The Arctic: A Region of Opportunities and Challenges

November 9
Gould Hall 322

Join us for an opportunity to participate in discussions and research on climate change in the Arctic with Mr. Kåre Aas, Norwegian Ambassador to the U.S.

“The Arctic covers about 8% of the Earth’s surface, or four times the area of all US territories combined, but has only 4 million inhabitants. Increased interest in the Arctic means greater potential for both cooperation and conflicts of interest.

The Arctic Council is the most important forum for multilateral cooperation on Arctic issues. The observer states to the Council – both old and new – play an important role by bringing their expertise to the Arctic Council’s working groups on climate, environment and sustainable development.

When we talk about the Arctic, climate change is a major concern. The melting of the Arctic ice cap has global implications. The Arctic, in fact, is a barometer of global climate change. This is where visible changes first appear. Changes are taking place that will have serious consequences for the entire world.

Addressing the climate change issue requires knowledge. This is why knowledge is at the heart of our Arctic policy.

On the other hand, investment opportunities are plentiful. Fish, oil, gas, minerals, tourist destinations and centres of knowledge are all to be found here. Then there are those who advocate closing the Arctic to further commercial activities. So, one of the challenges we are facing is how to address climate change while providing a growing global population with the energy needed to support development and a way out of poverty for all.

Research and science will be essential in developing solutions for the Arctic. This is a joint responsibility – not only of the Arctic states, but of all who claim a stake in developments in the Arctic.

As young researchers, you can contribute.”

-Ambassador Aas

For more on this event and how Ambassador Aas seeks to engage students across the globe, read his own statement here