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Ambassador LeVine stops by Euro 301

October 17, 2016

Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Suzan LeVine, visited the UW campus and gave a presentation in the course Europe Today. The discussion focused on the day-to-day life of an Ambassador and then moved toward all the ways in which LeVine works to ensure business, technology, and ideals are shared between the US and Switzerland.

“The Swiss are neither enemy nor ally,” she stated, “they are facilitators of global conversations.” With this in mind, LeVine turned to the ways in which the Swiss government embraces diversity, even with the rise of populist movements and the current political events that are changing the face of Europe. “1/4 of the population in Switzerland are immigrants, and this is critical to remember when talking about how diverse the population really is,” LeVine stated.


Students and faculty were highly engaged in the discussion, staying for almost twenty minutes after to continue to ask questions about what it means to work as an ambassador. One student asked what role the Swiss were playing in the global fight against extremism and terrorism. “We are trying to find ways to give people purpose and meaning through direct action. This is the biggest, and most effective way, to counter terrorism,” LeVine answered.

LeVine and her family will be continuing travelling and talking with business partners around the country, promoting understanding between Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the United States.

Follow LeVine’s travels on twitter here: @AmbSuzi