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Event | Robin Twyman and Philip Shekleton head to Shoreline Community College to talk Brexit

Twyman and Shekleton discuss Brexit at Shoreline Community College.

November 29, 2016

On November 17, 2016, Shoreline Community College’s  Global Affairs Center hosted a discussion titled “Britain and the European Union”.  The discussion was ran as an informal interview of British Consul Robin Twyman, moderated by Philip Shekleton of the Foster School of Business at UW.

This highly informative session, open to students and community members, provided a clear forum of not just Britain’s plans moving forward, but the impacts that invoking Article 52 will have on the rest of the EU. In addition, questions were deeply focused around who voted which way, with Shekleton making a clear point that votes tended to fall along the lines of the “winner and losers” of globalization.

Though some students brought up whether or not anti-immigration propaganda played a role in the vote, Twyman was quick to answer that “hate has no place in Britain” and that the UK will remain a place of innovation and strength within Europe and on the global scheme.

Other questions included how countries further east are responding to the decision, as many of Britain’s immigrants are from Poland and other Eastern European countries. Shekleton stepped in here, discussing the ways in which the right to work in England will remain a key factor in the negotiations moving forward.

More information can be found here. The live recording can be viewed here.

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