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May 2018 | Featured Student – Jasmine Dohemann

May 1, 2018

Jasmine Dohemann is a senior in the Jackson School of International Studies, and is pursuing the Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Security, and Peace track. Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and raised in San Ramon, California, Jasmine has traditionally been interested in Asian history, within the context of greater interconnection in global affairs. Through her Jackson School classes, Jasmine has begun to explore overlapping aspects of European and world history. “My major allows me to understand the different interactions both within the European continent (such as the founding of the EU and Eurozone) and European relations on an international scale”, Jasmine recounts.

As part of her JSIS major, and in partnership with the Center for West European Studies, Jasmine completed her capstone abroad as part of this year’s Task Force in Rome program. Within her Task Force, Jasmine and several of her classmates completed a report on the possible future relationship between the EU and Britain, post Brexit. In her section of the report, Jasmine analyzed the impact Brexit would have on EU migrants residing in Britain. “The program itself was the most rewarding thing I’ve done in college”, Jasmine explains. “It was an intellectually stimulating experience, which I would recommend to everyone.” As part of her program, Jasmine had the opportunity to visit the NATO Defense College, meet NATO officials, and a Russian Human Rights attorney, among others. “This program further helped me realize my passion for working on an international stage as an adult, and not only gave me lifelong friends but mentors as well.” Upon graduating, Jasmine will attend American University’s  Washington College of Law, in Washington DC, to pursue a degree in international law.