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June 2018 | Featured Student – Delanie Wright

June 1, 2018

Delanie Wright is a senior in the Jackson School of International Studies pursuing the International Political Economy and Environmental tracks. “This academic path has allowed me to pursue studies regarding developing and developed countries pertaining to their economic and political structures,” Delanie explains. In the latter half of her studies she has gained an understanding of the environmental impacts that the actions of these societies have, and sustainable policy options for the future. Delanie also credits courses offered by the Jackson School for her understanding of European relations and the inner-workings of the EU and NATO, as well as European environmental protection policies.

Over this past Winter Quarter Delanie participated in the JSIS Task Force in Rome program. “The program was the most rewarding experience I have been a part of in my time at the University of Washington,” she writes. “The opportunity to study source material in real-time and adapting a policy report around information that was constantly being updated was challenging, but offered great insight into what a career in this field would be like.” Delanie’s team worked on devising policy recommendations for the British government regarding the Brexit referendum. Her specific topic discussed the future of trade in goods and how to solve the situation of the Irish border. While abroad, the Task Force participants had the opportunity to meet with subject experts including an Irish Supreme Court Judge, a member of the British Financial Conduct Authority, international lawyers, and numerous NATO officials from the NATO Defense College in Rome. “Studying with these professionals was not only beneficial while composing our policy recommendations, but was also exceedingly influential in further realizing my interest to pursue a career regarding international policy,” Delanie recounts. After graduation, Delanie hopes to obtain an internship at NATO or a position with the Peace Corps, both of which she is in the process of applying to.