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January 2018 | Featured Student – Nina Boe

January 1, 2018

Nina Boe is a second year Masters in Public Administration candidate at the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance at the University of Washington. At the Evans School she focuses her studies on leadership and international development. Nina has an undergraduate degree in Eastern European Studies, and is currently a CWES FLAS recipient for Portuguese. “I’m a huge language nerd, Portuguese makes number 5, and the opportunity to study language again has been fantastic”, she explains. Nina aims to become professionally adept at Portuguese and is interested in studying Portugal’s transition from dictatorship to democracy. “It’s been a fun challenge to keep that lens on what I do now, and challenge me to have another perspective I wouldn’t have otherwise considered. Graduate school is exciting, difficult, and stressful, so the chance to create a globally-facing space in this academic time has helped me rekindle my long-standing loves of tying in language and international issues.” Nina’s professional degree and language experience will make her a skilled navigator of this increasingly diverse and interconnected world.