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January 2017 | Featured Student Profile- Austin Hudgens

January 5, 2017

Austin Hudgens is a junior in the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington. His passion for European politics has lead him to pursue a major in International Studies with a focus on Western Europe. Originally from Santa Barbara California, Austin enjoys playing volleyball, traveling, hiking and European history. “I chose to purse a degree in International Studies with a focus on Western Europe because it combined my love of politics and interest in history”. In addition to his studies at UW Austin hopes to one-day work abroad in Europe.

“From a young age I’ve always had a fascination with Europe” Austin recounts. “The stories of Roman gods, to English Kings to Russian Tsars captured my interests and drew me to the study of history and then later by extension international relations”. During his first quarter at UW, Austin took JSIS 301 (Europe Today) and “fell in love with Europe in a new way”. His passion for European politics lead him to study abroad in Berlin in the fall of 2015 and further specialize his studies in Western Europe.

Upon completion of his studies at UW, Austin wants to continue his education in studying the interactions between Europe and the Middle East. He hopes to one-day work for either the state department or for an NGO or think tank dealing with international relations. “With the world we live in reverting to nationalism/regionalism, I feel now more than ever we need people who can think and work cross culturally. I want to do my part in order to create more knowledgeable and nuanced foreign policy”.