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Greece Today: What Everyone Needs to Know | Winter 2017

Photo: Dylan Tizon

November 3, 2016

JSIS 240 (JSIS 478) – Winter 2017
T/Th 130-320,   ANDERSON HALL  008

A small state in the southeastern corner of Europe, modern Greece features on the global juncture more often than one might anticipate from a state of its size, economy and demographics.  Taking this paradox as its starting-point, the course focuses on various issues in contemporary political, social, economic and cultural Greek history that have attracted international attention, and seeks to provide a concise interdisciplinary introduction to these issues.  Topics that will be examined include the 1967-74 dictatorship and the transition to democracy; the post-1974 Graeco-Turkish relations and the Aegean sea dispute; the ambivalent relationship of Greece to the EU; the Macedonia question; immigration and minority rights; the 2004 Olympic Games; the debate over the Parthenon marbles; the Greek debt crisis; Grexit; the rise of the Golden Dawn, and the refugee crisis.

Special Note: 
Students who enroll in “Greece Today” are eligible to enroll in the 10 day “Greece in Relation to Europe and the Balkans: Travelers, Migrants, and Tourists (Spring Break)” trip, hosted by the Harvard University’s Center for Hellenic Studies in Greece. Information on this program and the application can be found here. Applications for this program are due December 15th.