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Follow our Fellow: Ernesto in Denver

Ernesto gathers with participants at a round table discussion in Denver, Colorado.

October 26, 2016

Ernesto made his way to Denver, Colorado on October 19th to meet with select members of the Business Community and Denver University’s European Union Center of Excellence. Unlike more traditional presentations, this meeting of 15 participants at a local bookstore was meant to be conversational and provide key insights into EU global oceans governance.

Ernesto began by stressing that policies are based on “long term, strategic thinking, and not just managing urgencies.” He, and others in the discussion, felt this seemed manageable given the EU’s unique positioning and long-term goals. Beyond this, Ernesto argued that these policies should not be EU restricted. “Many of the challenges being faced by the oceans (global warming, marine pollution, illegal fishing, and so on) need a global solution – no one can resolve these issues alone.”

The debate was lively and interactive, with fisheries management, the role of developing states, the fight against illegal fishing, and the role of China all coming into play. The group put emphasis on the role of governmental and non-governmental actors, and how collaboration is key to effectively address the challenges facing the world’s oceans today.