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Follow our Fellow: Ernesto at University of Denver

University of Denver

October 31, 2016

After his discussion with the business community in Denver, Ernesto made his way to the University of Denver. Hosted again by the Colorado European Union Center of Excellence, Ernesto spoke this time to students in Dr. Martin Rhodes course on European Studies.

Among the many topics discussed, students were interested in the ways in which the national governments and the EU were handling migration, the impact of the Brexit vote on the economic well-being of the EU, the rise of euro-skepticism throughout member nations, and populist movements. Of all the topics discussed, students were very passionate about understanding the economics of Brexit. How will the British economy, and in particular the financial sector in London, handle a more “isolated” UK? Due to many differing opinions and strongly held convictions, there were no sold answers to this question. In discussion of the votes and how Brexit came to be, Ernesto pointed out that it was not just the older, more blue-collar working class, but also the elite bourgeois of the South of England, “for whom,” argued Ernesto, “immigration is simply not acceptable.”

Faculty and students alike were excited to welcome Ernesto to their campus, and Ernesto greatly enjoyed his time in Denver. Echoing thoughts he had of students in his EURO 301 presentation, Ernesto encouraged students to remain passionate about global affairs and matters within the EU, and to keep pushing forward to make effective change.