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Featured Course | International Negotiation Simulation

May 29, 2018

JSIS 488 / JSIS B 431 / POL S 447
International Negotiation Simulation
M/W 2:30pm-4:20pm
MGH 254

This course, sponsored by the European Union Center/Center for European Studies, is a practicum focused on the current, real-world policy issues and internal negotiations of the European Union, as well as the theory of public policy and the politics surrounding policy formation.

This course will look at the roles of large and small countries in policy formation, negotiation, and how countries negotiate to ensure that final policy outcomes reflect their preferences and concerns. The course will begin with lecture and discussion to establish a shared background knowledge of the issues and functions of the EU. It will then move into the simulation phase, where students represent a specific country in round-table negotiations. In this course students also discuss and work with questions of comparative government, media, public communication, leadership, accountability, decision-making, assessing project outcomes, forecasting, project budgeting, taxation, and the challenges of executing complex projects in the real world.

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