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Follow Our Fellow: Bringing a European Perspective to Orgeon

May 15, 2018

The poster for his event – not Jürgen in this very dramatic image, unfortunately.

Jürgen visited Oregon State University (OSU) in Corvallis on February 28 and March 1 where he was hosted by Professor Amy Below, Political Science and Chris Nichols, Director for the Center of Humanities. They had organized an intensive program for him in during the two-day visit. Jürgen gave two lectures, talked at a lunch seminar and had several meetings with students and faculty at the university.

The first day Jürgen gave a public lecture on EU climate policy that gathered about 80 participants. The audience was very engaged and asked many questions about the influence of EU climate action on the USA and lessons that could be learned from the European experience. Other questions concerned how greenhouse gas emissions are reported in the EU, how its emissions trading system has been reformed since the start in 2005, the role of China on international climate negotiations, and the effect of Brexit on EU climate politics.

Jürgen also talked at a lunch seminar with staff and students at the OSU’s Climate Research Institute at OSU. Their discussion focused on the role of researchers and scientists in explaining climate science to the public and the Institute’s work in providing information about climate change to policy-makers in Oregon.

The second day he spoke to a mixed class of about 60 students who were following courses on political and climate change science. After his lecture he had a discussion with a group of the students who were preparing for a simulation of international climate negotiations. Jürgen shared his experience as a former climate negotiator for the European Union, which was much appreciated by the students.

Later the same day Jürgen attended a meeting with students of political science and public policy who were interested in pursuing an international career and wanted to know how it was to work for the institutions of the European Union.

Check out the video of Jürgen’s public lecture here

We are coming up on the end of Jürgen’s time here at the Center for West European Studies! He’ll be traveling to Olympia to speak to a State Senate Committee, and to the University of British Columbia before he prepares to head back to Brussels to continue his work as a policy officer at the EU Commission.