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April 2018 | Featured Student – Saranda Ross

April 1, 2018

Saranda is a second-year law student at the UW School of Law and a FLAS Fellow with the Center for West European Studies. Through the FLAS program, Saranda is studying the Portuguese language and West European law to prepare for a career in international environmental law. Saranda’s interest in languages stems from her time living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she studied Spanish and volunteered for a local environmental organization. Saranda is originally from Tacoma WA, and in her free time trains in Muay Thai and boxing. Saranda also works as an editorial staff member for the Washington International Law Journal, where she is currently assessing the adequacy of minority language protections under the Council of Europe. 
Upon graduation, Saranda wants to work towards improving and implementing transnational policies that acknowledge, reintegrate, and protect the lives and livelihoods of environmental migrants in Europe. “Climate change-induced environmental degradation within Europe is a threat multiplier, as it seriously exacerbates other leading causes of mass migration and conflict by increasing social, political, and economic tensions. Communicating about these issues is essential to my goal of implementing humanitarian solutions through intergovernmental frameworks. Learning Portuguese and studying the law and politics of West Europe through my FLAS Fellowship is helping to equip me with the language skills, cultural competency, and substantive knowledge necessary to communicate effectively within policy-making institutions.”