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Announcing the 2017 West Coast Model EU Winners

March 9, 2017

2017’s West Coast Model European was a success. Nearly 60 students from across the U.S. and Canada attended this year’s conference in Seattle and discussed the politics of Brexit and fiscal reform. Students acted as Finance Ministers and Heads of State for their perspective countries, engaging in upper-level negotiations. Special guest and Keynote, Ernesto Penas Lado, was impressed by the work of the students. “I can tell you, many of these students spoke exactly as someone from the country would! They really defended well their ideals and missions, and it felt very realistic!” he said after the event.

Students were observed by a group of judges, who watched how well they negotiated, the strength of their position papers, and determined the best work from each group.

The following students received awards for their outstanding work:

As an Outstanding Head of Government
Anthony Calacino, University of Utah
Jordana Cashman, Brigham Young University

For an Outstanding Position Paper
Hannah Pugh, Brigham Young University
Anna Paseman, University of Utah


 As an Honorable Mention for Position Paper
Jordana Cashman, Brigham Young University

As an Outstanding Finance Minister
Maite Carranza, University of Utah
Elsa Rebentisch, Brigham Young University

As an Honorable Mention
Kaelin Hickford, University of British Columbia
Anna Paseman, University of Utah
Hannah Pugh, Brigham Young University
Andrew J. Baron, Lewis-Clark State College

Click here to find out more about Model EU and how to get involved next year.