About the West Coast Model European Union

The West Coast Model European Union is a two-day event simulating a European Council Summit. Teams made up of two current undergraduate students simulate the roles of representatives of EU member states and the Presidency. In early autumn, the UW EUC announces the issues to be debated, which are matters of pressing concern for the current presidency and the EU as a whole. Participants must draft position papers reflecting the views of the member state they represent on the issues and submit them to the UW EUC before the event. Position papers are shared with all participants and a panel of judges comprised of faculty and experts from universities across the U.S. (For example, the current U.S. Ambassador to the European Union, Mark Gitenstein, participated in the 2019 West Coast Model EU and gave a special lecture to attending students.) Each Model EU Simulation event begins with a keynote address from an EU diplomat followed by a dinner where informal negotiations begin between representative teams. Formal negotiations occur throughout the following day, leading to detailed final resolutions for the approval of the delegates. After negotiations are finalized, the panel of judges makes awards to select students in the following categories: Outstanding Heads of Government, Outstanding Ministers, and Outstanding Policy Position Papers. Honorable Mention awards are also granted as appropriate.