Model EU Keynote Speaker

Biography: Aili Ribulis

Aili Ribulis is deputy head of the Political Section at the EU Delegation to the US since September 2020. She has been working in the Political Section of the EU Delegation to the US since October 2018 and has been covering security and defense and non-proliferation issues, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan. Aili has worked on EU’s external relations since 2008, including on South Caucasus, multilateral security issues (notably the OSCE) and relations with the US and Canada.

In 2017, she chaired the EU Council Working Party on Development Cooperation for the Estonian Presidency of the EU. Previously, she worked in the office of the Assistant Secretary General for Defense Investment in NATO Headquarters (2006-2008) and in the Delegation of the European Commission to Estonia (2000-2004).

She has also lectured European Integration at the University of Tartu and worked as a researcher in the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute.

She has a B.A. degree in German Philology, and M.A. in Political Science and European Integration.