Comments from alumni

What You Need to Know about Japan Since 1945

Program Start Date: Nov 6 2016

Location: Seattle, WA

“Both professors’ presentations were extremely interesting! The resource session was carefully thought out.” — Middle school teacher

“I’m already building lesson plans for my World History classes!” — High school teacher

“I appreciated the breadth and diversity of topics was appreciated (literature, politics, popular culture, etc)” — High school teacher

China’s Past: New Strategies for Teaching the Sources of Chinese Civilization

Program Start Date: Jul 25 2016

Location: Seattle, WA

China's Past

“So many good ideas for teaching. This course built my respect for China as a nation and a culture. It sparked my curiosity and made me want to learn more.” — 6th grade humanities teacher

“This course had in-depth lectures, visuals, field trips, and ties among different aspects of social studies. The colleagues were thoughtful, engaged, curious people. It was invigorating to immerse so fully in the content.” — 5th grade teacher

“I liked being able to take away ready-to-use concrete ideas for my students.” — Elementary librarian

Japan and the West – Summer 2016

Program Start Date: Jul 11 2016

Location: Seattle, WA

Japan and the West

“After this seminar, I plan to integrate more visual images into my classroom as a means of looking at history, as well as to look at world events from multiple perspectives.” — High school social studies teacher

“The variety of participants from different regions and expertise and trainings led to great discussions. ” — Middle school history teacher

“Overall, this course was fantastic. It was well-organized, jam-packed and extremely informative. I have a lot for my brain to digest, but that is awesome.” — High school social studies teacher

Teaching Korea’s History and Culture

Program Start Date: May 24 2016

Location: Anchorage, AK

South Korea Flag

“I really appreciated the vast knowledge of Prof. Dunscomb about Asian history and Ms. Anderson’s encouragement about how to use the materials in the classroom. Loved it!” – Middle school history teacher

“I had my planning book open as we went to find units for next year.” — High school social studies teacher

“The combination of background knowledge from Paul and then having the time to apply our learning via writing of a lesson plan we can use was great.” — High school social studies teacher

‘The Sun Gods’ book discussion with author Jay Rubin

Program Start Date: May 24 2016

Location: Seattle, WA

The Sun Gods banner

“I think this book would make a strong literature circle discussion book in my English class, particularly as we talk about ethical dilemmas reflected in literature” — High school world literature teacher

“Hearing the author speak really helped me frame an approach for teaching this book next year.” — High school world literature teacher

“I liked getting first-hand insight into the sources used for the book. ” — Elementary school librarian

China, Japan and Korea: Literature for the 3-12 Classroom

Program Start Date: Mar 26 2016

Location: Seattle, WA

China, Japan and Korea - Literature for the 3-12 Classroom

“The info and resources about China have already been very useful in exploring contrasting narratives and bias in historical texts.” — Middle school history teacher

“The collaborative activities in which we used various lenses to evaluate texts were especially helpful. ” — High school humanities teacher

“I thought all of the materials were useful. I was particularly happy with the choice of chapters from secondary sources. Combined with the picture books and and graphic novels, they give depth to advanced students and access to less skilled.” — High school social studies teacher

Religions and Religious Belief in Early East Asian History

Program Start Date: Jan 25 2016

Location: Boise, ID

Religion and Religious Belief banner

“Almost all of my existing literature units can benefit from this East Asian historical and philosophical framework. This class offered exactly what I had hoped for…a chance to extend the context of the works I teach past their usual Western touchstones.” — High school literature teacher

“Dr. Woods clearly is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about this topic, which made learning about things so much more interesting. He was great!” — High school social studies teacher

Exploring China through the Experiences of its Millennial Generation

Program Start Date: Jan 20 2016

Location: Bellingham and Tacoma, WA

Exploring China through the experiences of its Millennial Generation

“My American Studies classes will benefit greatly from my new perspective on Chinese millennials. Making connections to my kids through showing them how they are like others will help.” — High school humanities teacher

“Tese is amazing. I loved her pacing as well as her selection of reading material and films” — Middle school civics teacher

Japan and the West: From first encounters to contemporary global issues

Program Start Date: Oct 3 2015

Location: Seattle, WA

Japan and the West

“Having guided interaction with the instructor and the other teachers to develop ideas was invaluable to creating and recreating my class content. ” — High school humanities teacher

“I so enjoyed the instructor, her willingness to hear us while keeping us moving ahead, and doing so with grace and humor.” — High school history teacher

“Ater this seminar, I can imagine using art as a jumping off point for class conversations.” — High school language teacher

Reading Spaces and Places: Exploring East Asian Cities through the Visual and Literary Arts

Program Start Date: Jul 27 2015

Location: Seattle, WA

City skyline

“Everything about this seminar was strong: personality of the instructor, professionalism, variety, depth, collaboration, meta-cognitive activity.” — High school social studies teacher from Olympia, WA

“The seminar addressed a broad range of topics. I really enjoyed the art perspective and plan to integrate more visual literacy into all of my classes next year. ” — High school social studies teacher from Wilmette, IL