Comments from alumni

Japan and the West: From first encounters to contemporary global issues

Program Start Date: Oct 3 2015

Location: Seattle, WA

Japan and the West

“Having guided interaction with the instructor and the other teachers to develop ideas was invaluable to creating and recreating my class content. ” — High school humanities teacher

“I so enjoyed the instructor, her willingness to hear us while keeping us moving ahead, and doing so with grace and humor.” — High school history teacher

“Ater this seminar, I can imagine using art as a jumping off point for class conversations.” — High school language teacher

Reading Spaces and Places: Exploring East Asian Cities through the Visual and Literary Arts

Program Start Date: Jul 27 2015

Location: Seattle, WA

City skyline

“Everything about this seminar was strong: personality of the instructor, professionalism, variety, depth, collaboration, meta-cognitive activity.” — High school social studies teacher from Olympia, WA

“The seminar addressed a broad range of topics. I really enjoyed the art perspective and plan to integrate more visual literacy into all of my classes next year. ” — High school social studies teacher from Wilmette, IL

Tokugawa Japan: Multiple Voices, Multiple Views

Program Start Date: Jul 13 2015

Location: Seattle, WA

Tokugawa Japan Summer Institute

“The wealth of information was like receiving a treasure chest of goodies.” — 6th grade teacher from Seattle, WA

“Fabulous presentations with many visuals and hands on activities.” — 5th grade teacher from Spokane, WA

“This was my first seminar of this nature. So fun and enjoyable! I can’t wait to come back!” — 4th grade teacher from Murfreesboro, TN