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China, Japan and Korea: Literature for the 3-12 Classroom

China, Japan and Korea - Literature for the 3-12 Classroom


Comments from participants

“The info and resources about China have already been very useful in exploring contrasting narratives and bias in historical texts.” — Middle school history teacher

“The collaborative activities in which we used various lenses to evaluate texts were especially helpful. “ — High school humanities teacher

“I thought all of the materials were useful. I was particularly happy with the choice of chapters from secondary sources. Combined with the picture books and and graphic novels, they give depth to advanced students and access to less skilled.” — High school social studies teacher

 “I’ve already implemented some of the content in my 9th grade English and my 11th and 12th grade Theory of Knowledge classrooms. Mary provided useful tools I can use with students to interact with literature.” — High school humanities teacher

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