Upcoming programs

The Silk Roads: Yesterday and Today

Program Start Date: Jan 23 2019

Location: Everett, WA

An NCTA seminar for middle and high school teachers will be offered in Everett, WA. The Silk Road was not one road but a great network of trade routes, which linked China to Europe and all the lands in between. Products were traded, but ideas and beliefs, techniques and works of art were also transmitted,

Edo Japan: 1600 to 1868

Program Start Date: Jan 28 2019

Location: Boise, ID

Tokugawa Japan (also known as the Edo era) lasted from 1600 to 1868.  This unprecedented time of peace and relative prosperity for Japan were the seeds for what Japan became by the end of the nineteenth century—a powerful colonial power and Asia’s first industrial state.  During Tokugawa’s almost three-hundred-year period, Japan’s urban and rural populations