Upcoming programs

Collaboration and Subversion—Reconsidering Colonial Era Cinema in “Tuition”(1940), online program

Program Start Date: Feb 7 2023

Location: Online program

  This online workshop will be centered around a discussion of the film Tuition, a late colonial period coproduction developed by Korean filmmakers under the jurisdiction of Japanese authorities. This film, long considered lost until it was rediscovered in China and restored by the Korean Film Archive in 2014, presents a rare and fascinating look

NCTA Online Seminar: China and Japan Between 1912 and 1939

Program Start Date: Feb 13 2023

Location: Online program

The years between 1912 and 1939 were momentous for Japan and China. In 1912, the Meiji emperor passed from the scene, and Japan faced an uncertain future with a much weaker emperor at the helm. In China, 1912 saw the end of two-thousand years of imperial rule.  China was at a crossroads.  During the next

NCTA Online Seminar: Looking Ahead – Chinese Youth

Program Start Date: Feb 15 2023

Location: Online program

This program is now full and registration has closed.   This NCTA online seminar will examine the lifestyles, behaviors, and attitudes of young Chinese adults growing up in a country that has become an economic and global power. Their development coincides with their country’s historic and far-reaching developments – what does this mean? Do Chinese

New Online Seminar: Image, Text, and Language at the Intersection of Cultures – East Asia and Beyond

Program Start Date: Mar 29 2023

This four-session online seminar explores the relationship between image, text, and language in East Asia and beyond. Each week we will examine different genres such as woodblock prints, scrolls, manga, and multimedia expressions from an interdisciplinary approach to consider shifting language-text traditions and practices. Themes and topics to be considered include nature, religion, intercultural exchange,