Professional development seminars about China, Japan and Korea for K-12 teachers

EARC classThe East Asia Resource Center offers multi-day professional development seminars for teachers in the Pacific Northwest, which includes Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana and Oregon. Recently, we have offered seminars in Seattle, Bellingham, Tacoma, Boise and Anchorage. If  you would like EARC to provide seminars in your area, please contact the office to discuss the possibility.

EARC seminars are designed for K-12 teachers of history, social studies, geography, language arts (ELA), humanities, art, music, and world languages (Chinese, Japanese), as well as school librarians and curriculum specialists.

EARC seminars are funded by a Freeman Foundation grant in support of the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA). Completion of 30 hours of EARC seminars qualifies teachers to apply for summer study tours offered by NCTA coordinating sites.

Upcoming Seminars

Recent Seminars