Corbett Exchange Scholars Program

Corbett Virtual Exchange Program

When the Canada-U.S border closed indefinitely in 2020, the Corbett Exchange Program was forced to adjust. We developed an innovative virtual exchange program to give students from the Universities of Washington, British Columbia, and Victoria the opportunity to connect through shared learning and social experiences. Students in the virtual program participated in:

  • Expert-led workshops on key cross-border issues
  • Cohort-building social hours
  • Virtual city tours and events
  • Final projects and research on a cross-border topic of their choosing

Upon completion of the program, students received a $2,000 award for their participation.

Corbett Virtual Exchange Program Final Projects

Explore some of the outstanding final projects produced by our 2021 Corbett Virtual Scholars:

Virtual City Tours

Check out some of the city tours our Virtual Scholars shared with each other: