Countering Terrorism on Tomorrow’s Battlefield

Critical Infrastructure Security and Resiliency
  • Editor:
  • Sarah Lohmann
  • Publisher: U.S. Army War College Press
  • Date: 2022
Countering Terrorism on Tomorrow's Battlefield

Every day, malicious actors target emerging technologies and medical resilience or seek to wreak havoc in the wake of disasters brought on by climate change, energy insecurity, and supply-chain disruptions. Countering Terrorism on Tomorrow’s Battlefield is a handbook on how to strengthen critical infrastructure resilience in an era of emerging threats. The counterterrorism research produced for this volume is in alignment with NATO’s Warfighting Capstone Concept, which details how NATO Allies can transform and maintain their advantage despite new threats for the next two decades. The topics are rooted in NATO’s Seven Baseline requirements, which set the standard for enhancing resilience in every aspect of critical infrastructure and civil society.