Doctoral Committees

Appointing your Doctoral Committee

The Supervisory Committee, consisting of a minimum of three members of the Graduate Faculty at the UW, is appointed by the Graduate School no later than four months prior to the General Exam. The Chair and at least one other member of the Supervisory Committee must be voting members of the Jackson School Faculty. The GSR must also be a member of the Graduate Faculty and must be endorsed to chair a doctoral committee. Students are welcome to find additional members outside of the Jackson School.

With the help of their FA, students are expected to seek out potential Supervisory Committee members during their first year in the program. By autumn quarter of their second year, students should have selected the remaining two or three members of their committee (including the GSR). If you are having trouble determining your GSR, please ask your Chair for advice.

To formally appoint the Supervisory Committee, students should fill out this form and return to the GPA. On the form, please select whether the committee member has agreed to be a part of your Reading Committee in addition to your Supervisory Committee. Some GSRs elect to be a part of the Reading Committee, while others elect not to. All other committee members have the implied responsibility of being on your Reading Committee, but out of courtesy, please ask them to both be a part of the Supervisory Committee and the Reading Committee. You must submit the form to the GPA no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday of the 10th week of autumn quarter in your second year.