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What comes after the American Century? Daniel Bessner pens essay for Harper’s Magazine

June 21, 2022

Harper's Magazine cover July 2022

Daniel Bessner’s cover essay ‘Empire Burlesque: What comes after the American Century?’ // Harper’s Magazine July 2022

Daniel Bessner, Jackson School faculty, pens the cover essay for the July 2022 issue of Harper’s Magazine titled ‘Empire Burlesque: What comes after the American Century?’.

Bessner discusses the United States’ changing place in the world with the rise of China and the election of Donald Trump.

Bessner, an associate professor of international studies, currently holds the Joff Hanauer Honors Professorship in Western Civilization.  Bessner examines the history of the United States-Europe relationship in his class JSIS A 350 – United States – Europe Relations.

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