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Text Encoding Initiative Workshop I

October 21, 2020

Event Host: Tateuchi East Asia Library

For the academic year 2020-2021, Tateuchi East Asia Library (TEAL) hosts two series of digital scholarship related events: Digital Scholarship for East Asian Studies and Digital Scholarship Coffee Hour. Being in the intersection of interdisciplinarity, TEAL provides a space to share and discuss the cross-regional digital scholarship examples, methods, and techniques with a greater field of East Asian Studies community.

Text Encoding Initiative Workshop I

This is Part I of the two day Digital Scholarship for East Asian Studies: Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) workshop.

In Part I you will hear what text encoding or the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) is, why one would use it, some of the project examples that use TEI, and learn how to actually text encode yourself!

Please note that this workshop is for TEI beginners and not experts!


Requirements for the workshop:

  • Please download a 30-day free trial of the XML editor Oxygen, using these instructions.
  • Please bring a page of a text that you would like to start encoding.

If you have any questions or trouble downloading Oxygen, please contact Erika Bailey ( or Elliott Stevens (

In Part II of the workshop, we will look at how to turn text encodings into webpages. Please see the details about the Part II and sign up for it here.