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Spring Course: Media and Information Technology in Global Conflict

March 11, 2024

In our Spring 2024 course, Media And Information Technology In Global Conflict, JSIS 101, you will explore the role media and information technology have played in global conflicts since the twentieth century.

Vanessa Freije

Vanessa Freije

You will take a deep dive into how different groups have mobilized new technologies for covert warfare, surveillance, and cyberattacks, as well as for self-determination, cultural survival, and whistleblowing. Includes war photography; bots and election interference; and Indigenous movements and media.

Taught by Vanessa Freije, Jackson School Associate Professor and Chair, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, whose research examines the history of information and media politics in Latin America, with a particular focus on Mexico. Her book, “Citizens of Scandal: Journalism, Secrecy, and the Politics of Reckoning in Mexico,” was published in October 2020 with Duke University Press and was awarded the American Historical Association’s Eugenia M. Palmegiano Prize in the History of Journalism.

MW 12:30-2:20 p.m., 5 credits and SSc eligible. Hurry up and register while seats are available!