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Reşat Kasaba receives award for contributions to Turkish scholarship

April 12, 2024

Reşat Kasaba, professor and former director of the Jackson School, was recently awarded the 2024 High Achievement Award in Social Sciences from Kadir Has University in Istanbul. The theme of this year’s Kadir Has Awards ceremony, held March 22, was “100th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic and Atatürk.”

“All my research and writing focus[es] on Turkey, but I have done all of it outside the country,” Kasaba said. “For this reason, it is very meaningful to me that my work is recognized by a distinguished group of Turkish scholars who were serving on the selection committee for this prestigious award.”

From left to right: Nuri Has, Reşat Kasaba, and Sondan Durukanoğlu Feyiz.

Kasaba’s work currently focuses on the history of U.S. foreign policy in Turkey and the political consequences of rural-urban divide in modern Turkey.

“The ceremony in Istanbul gave me an opportunity to reflect on my academic life and, most significantly, to meet some of my former students who are now teaching in Turkey,” Kasaba said. “That was the high point of the entire program.”